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How can I keep my account secure?

We take your account security seriously. If you make a change to sensitive account information, we will send you an email notification or an alert to confirm any changes.

Here are a few more guidelines to help keep your account safe:

  • Keep all payment and communication on Bountye. We can only help safeguard your account and payment when all communication and related transactionsoccur within our systems. Bountye will never ask you to pay elsewhere.
  • Do not click on links or download any attachments from unverified sources.
  • Change passwords regularly and use different passwords for all your accounts, including your Bountye account. We recommend that use a password that is at least 8-10 characters that contains a unique combination of letters, capital letters, numbers and symbols.
  • If you an encounter a suspicious user, item, listing or comment thread, we encourage you to flag it with us by reporting it.
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