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Why has my payment been released to the seller when I haven't received the item?

Once a transaction is processed on the Bountye platform, all funds are held in escrow.

Escrow helps to protect both buyers and sellers, by ensuring funds are available but only released once the item is sent or collected.

Typically, the funds are held in Escrow until the buyer lets us know that they have received the item. But if an item is not confirmed as received within seven days, the funds are automatically released to the seller. You will receive a notification email to let you know when this happens. 

If you have not yet collected your item from the seller, please use chat to arrange a suitable time and location to pickup your item. If you have chosen the delivery option and not received your item within seven days, we encourage you to contact the seller. The seller should address your concern and provide updates on the delivery of the item, tracking information, or offer a refund.

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